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Anonymous asked:

Fuck you bitch ass cunt hating on nash grier for something he did two years ago HOW THE FUCK IS HE RASCIT?????? Just please stfu you don't know what you're saying kys honey no one would miss anyways ✌️ fucker


he literally threw a fork down some stairs and compared the twanging sound to that of oriental languages……….. it was extremely derogatory

he aggressively targeted the gay community in a vine in which he reacted to an advert created to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS, angrily claiming that the disease “IS FOR FAGGGGSSSSS” (excuse the horrible slur, but that’s just an example of what an obnoxious prick he is)

he made a 9 minute video during which he repeatedly objectified and degraded women, demanding for us to “entertain him” as if we’re performing monkeys and rudely and aggressively stating that for a woman to be worthy of his or any other man’s affections she would have to meet his bullshit requirements of attractiveness; things such as being petite, white and brunette, as well as the notion that in order to appear less repugnant to the steaming pile of shit of a man that he is, it would be essential to completely remove all body hair.  All of these statements are phrased aggressively, demandingly, and self-righteously, and, most of all, as if the twat thinks we give a shit about how attractive he finds us

oh and don’t tell people to kill themselves playa it’s never nice 

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